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We manufacture tailor-made filters
to suit the individual needs
of our customers.

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Your health. Your safety. Our filters.

We design and produce custom-made filters to suit your own individual needs. You receive “Made in Germany” quality and efficiency for a wide variety of different applications.

We also manufacture filters in small batches – available quickly and at fair market value.

There is an endless variety of different filters on the market today. Filtration solutions maximize public health and ensure safety for people and machinery.

Our dependable, top-quality filters provide enormous benefits:

Health benefits

Filters provide clean, purified air that protects our health. They are especially beneficial to allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and other vulnerable risk groups.

Machinery and operational performance benefits

Filters facilitate the smooth, uninterrupted operation of equipment and machinery. This in turn reduces costly downtime and production stops.

Comfortable atmosphere and enhanced quality-of-life benefits

Filters provide a pleasant indoor atmosphere. This improves quality of life both at home and at work.

Environmental and sustainability benefits

Filters meet the growing demand for a better and more sustainable future. Used in the right places, they help protect the environment.

2012 established

by BBF Filtertechnik

Over 350

different types of filters

DIN 779:2012 and ISO 16890

filter classes

within 24 hours


Our filter solutions are suitable for a wide variety of requirements.

Our expertise and service have a proven track record in numerous applications including:

  • Controlled indoor ventilation and ventilation in general
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Industrial plants & mechanical engineering
  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Cosmetic facilities
  • Customized manufacturing

Breathe deeply! We have many different types of solutions:

  • Filter media according to DIN EN 779: 2012 and DIN EN ISO 16890
  • Highest quality standards
  • Custom-made/special production (prototypes/made-to-order production, 3D printing)
  • Fast response time – wide selection of in-stock items
  • Flexible manufacturing (small/large scale production)
  • Customized order processing
  • Made in Germany quality and efficiency

Filters for every conceivable application. Finding the perfect solution is easy.

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